Aarbakke implements RamBase

Inge Bright Arbakke is looking forward to the installation of a new “central nervous system” which will ensure a simpler everyday operation in the company.
Mazeppa consulting’s department at Bryne has been given the responsibility of implementing the cloud-based business system Rambase, as well as training employees at Aarbakke throughout the coming year. The system is specially developed for industrial companies and is a good fit for Aarbakke, which is a market leader and total supplier in mechanical products for the global oil and gas industry.


As one of the world’s leading machining companies, Aarbakke continues to aim to be the very best at what they do and builds on many years of experience, knowledge, and quality. With roots dating back to 1918, Aarbakke continues its expansive growth, has over 300 employees, and a turnover of  1 billion NOK.

Aarbakke continues to build on the Rogaland region’s large industrial heritage, with customers delivering and installing critical systems for the oil industry. Thus, quality, delivery time, traceability, and documentation are key factors that require top-quality machines, control of all processes, and a highly qualified workforce.


Haaland, who came in as sales manager on March 1, says that the consultants who install the systems have experience as operators and take this expertise with them to other companies. Both have a background in Årdal machining and know most things. – they are responsible for the entire process from A to Z, and handle, among other things, all transfer of data to Rambase, as well as training and support during installation, says Haaland.

Communication between departments

Aarbakke has long been aware of the need to renew its business solution, and when Westco Invistering AS came in as owners last autumn, it was decided that the time had come. Aarbakke enters the partnership with high ambitions and will use the entire RamBase platform, with a special focus on the integrated document management module. For Aarbakke, it is good both in terms of time and resources to work with the implementation of a new system and training in the year 2021, and they look forward to an everyday life where figures from all departments easily communicate with each other.

RamBase ensures that all data across the enterprise is easily accessible and communicates with each other and has the ability to easily connect to other systems, via the platform’s open APIs.

Good systems are part of the automation and digitization that is going on in society. In short, a well-functioning business system provides fast data capture, it has security markers and you get data that can be traced afterward, says Haaland.

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