Aarbakke chooses Mazeppa to implement RamBase Cloud ERP!

As one of the world’s leading machining companies, Aarbakke continues to aim toward being the very best at what they do, building on years of experience, knowledge and quality. With roots going back to 1918, Aarbakke continues their expansive growth, counting over 300 employees and a turnover of 1 billion NOK. Aarbakke continues to build on the Rogaland region’s great industrial heritage, with customers supplying and installing critical systems for the oil industry. Thus, quality, delivery time, traceability and documentation are key factors, requiring top quality machinery, control of all processes and a highly qualified workforce. This month, Aarbakke signed with Mazeppa to implement RamBase, with the implementation process starting immediately. Aarbakke enters the partnership with high ambitions, and will be utilizing the full RamBase Platform, with special focus on the integrated document handling module.

Great possibilities in the Rambase architecture

As a RamBase Partner, Mazeppa will contribute and bring their solid industry competence and experience into making this partnership a success. According to CEO, Aage Ramstad, they have the perfect solution for Aarbakke’s needs. “By being met by a great team at Aarbakke, we got off to a very good start. This is an incredibly exciting customer, and we are proud to have them onboard! This underlines exactly where we want to be with RamBase”, Aage says. The CEO of Aarbakke, Inge-Brigt Aarbakke, explains that the RamBase architecture facilitates the use of all the needed functionalities from the very first day. He also emphasizes RamBase’s ability to easily connect with other systems, via the platform’s open APIs. According to Inge-Brigt, the company is already seeing simplified processes which are going to save them time and provide further control of their production. Thus, the process with Mazeppa has made Aarbakke confident in their decision, and that they are moving further with RamBase.

Key customers prove RamBase’s strengths

It is key customers like Aarbakke that keeps us moving further, pushing the strengths of RamBase to be even better! Aarbakke is an exciting case, once again demonstrating that RamBase is a great match also for industrial companies. “We are definitely moving upwards into a new division, and it will be really good for us to be able to track and control our deliveries and pricing even better towards our customers in the future!”, concludes Inge-Brigt.